About Schoolville

About Schoolville

Schoolville™, is the Complete All-in-One School Information Management System for School Administration, with a central focus on meeting Schools, Students, Teachers and Parents needs, uniquely offering Products, Services, and Resources of the highest educational standards. 

Schoolville provides a suite of software covering all parts of a schools' administration, from managing online admission and registration, analysing, design and implementation of schools' solution, school payment integration, educational learning plans, data sharing , and providing lecturers/teachers, academics and students access to all this information over the internet.

At Schoolville, we partner with Schools worldwide, ensuring that they focus on their academic duties alone, while we handle their Technical needs (Products, Services and Resources). 

Schoolville is a Software as a Service (SaaS):This is a software distribution model in which the software is hosted and the cost of deployment borne by Schoolville while students pay for the cost of the maintenance as service charges or processing fees. 

Benefits of the SaaS Model: 

Schoolville bears the cost of implementation and deployment

Schoolville hosts the School Information Management Software for Schools

Students bear the cost of maintenance. 


Products and Services

Schoolville UNI

Schoolville POLY

Schoolville COLLEGE

Schoolville HIGH

Schoolville BASIC

Schoolville products and services covers:

School Management Softwares

Biometric Solutions

Document Management Systems

Students Training

Staff Training



Computer Training

Human Resource Managements

Accounting Solutions

Custom made school products