Document Management

Document Management

Digital document management systems are software applications that capture paper documents and a variety of electronic files while providing for the storage, retrieval, security and archiving of these documents.

The document management process begins with the conversion of paper documents and records to electronic files. Conversion eliminates many of the obstacles created by paper: labour-intensive duplication procedures, slow distribution, misplaced originals and the inconvenience of retrieving files from off-site storage. Because paper files are also costly to process, duplicate, distribute and store, digitizing paper archives ultimately reduces operational expenses and overhead.

Our digital document management system is suited for Exams and Records departments in schools to properly capture students and graduands documents, certificates and store safely for easy reduplication when needed. It will also help in accessing records inter-departmentally without losing the document original format.

By implementing document and records management solution, schools can realize many benefits that noticeably improve organizational efficiency. Digital document management systems can help your school succeed by:


Saving money

Saving time

Increasing efficiency

Increasing productivity

Increasing inter-departmental communication and collaboration

Generating revenue

Enabling automation.

Safe storage and archiving of vital documents