Data Science

Basic | Intermediate | Advanced

Course Overview

Data science is frequently said to be the most profitable professional path of the twenty-first century since it has become fundamental to how businesses operate and offer their services. 

Data science employs a variety of instruments, scientific procedures, methods, and algorithms to glean insights from both structured and unstructured data. Institutions all around the world are currently making every effort to meet this increased demand for data scientists.

Course Outcome

After completing this course, students will:

  • Develop relevant programming abilities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with statistical analysis of data.
  • Develop the ability to build and assess data-based models.
  • Execute statistical analyses with professional statistical software.
  • Demonstrate skill in data management.
  • Apply data science concepts and methods to solve problems in real-world contexts and will communicate these solutions effectively

Learning Peeks

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Course Structure



Available Online/Offline

Recognized Certification

Earn a certification on completion

Flexible Schedules

Flexible study schedules


English Language

Training Days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Course Prerequisite

The following are required

ICT Fundamentals

Recommended course available: view course


₦200,000.00 ***installmental payment available for this course

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