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Schoolville LIBRILLE

Homeschooling is currently one of the fastest-growing local trends in education and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice. Electronic Integrated library system aims to be an integral aspect of homeschooling, providing students and workers with quality reading material and audio books.  Librille will be convenient and affordable and it will enables basic, secondary, tertiary education and parents to access online resources, anywhere, at any time.  It will provide varied subject matter, so that children of all age groups can read safely and easily across a variety of subjects, with a fascinating range of information and learning themes.

It will provide membership registration to allow access to books lending, online blogs, book reviews and book popularity polls are provided to our readers. In addition, e-Library enables you to request books if they are not already available on the system.

Librille is the first and most advanced Integrated Library System (ILS) using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcoding in other to fully delivered real-time library management solutions in Nigeria libraries and beyond.

Librille is develop to run on either offline or online, When deploy as vertical solutions suite there is no need to install on a local desktop computers rather it be access through web with robust hosting services.

Offline version of Librille using horizontal solutions suite will interface with physical infrastructure with wired or wireless topology using server/client archectiture with integral RFID and barcode.

Librille's IT experts manage all upgrades and technical support backups and general system maintenance, and the Library's local IT staff can focus on the Library's usability, backup and general system maintenance.

Schoolville LIBRILLE Module

Book Catalogue Module :

Is an inventory of all items found within the library, either physically or electronically. The catalog is organized and indexed so that you can search by a variety of fields/indexes. You can search using the following fields:  keyword, Book name, Author, Publisher, title, Library of Congress Subject Heading, and many more. The catalog indexes of all the books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs and Periodical titles.

Book Reservation Module :

Books which are currently on loan to other members may be reserved through our Librille online library Book Catalogue. An Email is sent out to the current borrower to return the item usually within a week of the reservation. Once the item is returned the Library notifies the member who initiated the reservation by email for collection. A member may reserve up to 3 books at any one time.

Borrow Module :

When a member have found the books they want, He/She can take them to the self-service RFID machines available in the library or to the Library Helpdesk where, on production of his/her membership card, staff will issue the book to the member. Self-issue RFID machines will provide an itemized receipt of books issued; at helpdesks the due date will be stamped on the date label inside the front of the book or on the receipt issued for the book. A member may borrow up to three books at a time.

Return Module :

A member is expected to return the book(s) to the Library from where he/she borrowed them - either at the Issue Desk/Collection Point, at Self-service RFID machines or in the book bins (when the library is closed). This helps the library to ensure that they are made available as quickly as possible for other library users.

Clubs Module :

The members meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. Additionally, some members may suggest a book they are interested in from a literary point-of-view in any of the clubs they joined, as it will offer them an opportunity to make points of personal interest to them or fit an external agenda. A member can join a club after registration, migration to any other club is optional.

Subscription Module :

A member can pay for access to exclusive physical or electronical materials in the Library, through their member page. This subscription can be renewed automatically by the application or manually by the member upon expiration.
Overdue books need to be returned to the library to generate the fine. Paying a fine online for an overdue book can also be done automatically by the Librille Library Application from the defaulting member's account.

E-Learning Module :

Librille offers an E-Learning module as one option for distance learning. This Module have been developed for any member(s) who want to enhance online teaching and learning skills, as well as improving their knowledge base. Librille partners with "EBSCO", a leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service. With thousands of titles to choose from. EBSCO can be accessed from any registered member's account.

Benefits of Schoolville LIBRILLE

Librille ILS :
Take control of your Library Management with high-end RFID technology. Run smarter, provide exceptional book circulation services, and maximize the usability of management information services for your users.

Librille LMS :
Delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

Library software solutions for your public library :
LIBRILLE is proudly Nigeria software with worldwide technology hardware partners to have an extensive knowledgebase solutions.

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