Schoolville HIGH


Schoolville HIGH

Complete All-in-One School Management Information System for Secondary Schools, designed to meet the standards and requirements of all Secondary Schools in Nigeria and beyond.

It covers Admission Module, Prospective Students Module, Students Module, Teachers Module, Accounts Module, Staff Module, Payroll Module, Payments Integration, Grading System, Hostel Module, Biometrics Module, Inventory Module, Administrative Module, Library Module and Support Module.

The Schoolville HIGH product eliminates every manual processes in the school, such as manual registration, fees payments, manual computation of results, manual result checking, school calendars etc.

Schoolville HIGH is designed as a flexible and robust content management web application customizable for schools, and it incorporates every aspect of the institution's processes.

Schoolville HIGH Module


Applicants can: 

i. Apply for Secondary school admission online

ii. Make payments using multiple platforms.

iii. Make payments using ATM cards issued by InterSwitch, e-Tranzact, Visa and Mastercard through various       Banks.. 

iv. Check entrance result online

v. Check admission status online

v. Generate student ID once admission has been offered.


Returning Students: 

i. Can login and update their profile

ii. Can make Fees payments and obtain payment receipts online

iii. Can register subjects online, change, update or delete registered subjects

iv. Can view class and exam time-tables online. 

v. Can check and print out their terminal results.


Academic Module: 

i. For displaying academic calendars

ii. For displaying activities and deadlines

iii. For showcasing the schools and academic awardsiii.

iv. For displaying information about subject selection and career guide.



i. Can create new and manage existing teachers' profile

ii. Can create and manage class and exam time table

iii. Can assign subjects to teachers

iv. Can create activities and set deadlines

v. Can set standards for departmental heads

iv. Can generate terminal reports



i. Can view allocated subjects

ii. Can download and mark attendance sheets

iii. Can access mark sheets of students 

iv. Can update students' scores on the mark sheet 

v. Can download empty/completed mark sheets

iv. Can print result sheets..



i. Can login and update profile

ii. Can make payments for their children/wards

iii. Can monitor children/wards academic performance

iv. Can view and print chidlren/wards results



Administrator can: 

i. Create and manage users

ii. Create and manage academic session and subjects

iii. Create and manage Principal and Teachers

iv. Create and manage time table

v. Create and manage applicants

vi. Create and manage students

vii. Change institution's logo and slogan

viii. Post news updates

ix. Create and manage school calendar.

Benefits of Schoolville HIGH

Reduce administrative overhead cost

It increases the purchasing power of application form from potential student worldwide

It accepts different types odf ATM cards issued by Interswitch, e-Tranzact, VISA and MasterCard through various banks

Generating of revenues through school ICT centres

Centralized students and lecturers database

Fully managed by the school ICT department/centre

Generate revenue for the school management through service charges/ transaction processing /commission etc

Data integrity - the single greatest benefit of centralizing school data management is data integrity

Encourages cashless transactions and eliminates delays in making payments

Support - with  a centralized system, support is focused on one database schema

Multiple card acceptances from one integration using any of the available payments options, which are readily accessible from anywhere in the country.

Solution integration of ICT departments to other departments and offices in the school.

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