Biometric Solutions

Biometric Solutions

Biometric Solutions

Biometrics Solution is the automated processes to recognize a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometric Solutions features that can currently be measured include fingerprints, facial recognition, irises, retinas and voice recognition. 

Biometrics Solution provide convenience, safety and security as well as improve operations. The Biometric Database is used to identify students in a school during registration and can be applied in other areas that requires registration and identification. This means that students  and staff biodata should be captured only once to be utilized in a variety of areas that require staff and students information in the school.

Uses of Biometrics Solution in Schools

School Access:- It ensures that Access is permitted only to authorised persons in the school (staff and students);

Attendance:- It provides Administrators and staff with the irrefutable proof of students attendance in classes and examination for accurate and auditable reporting.

Cafeteria:- (Cashless Cafeteria) Accurate meal accessibility for students using school cafeteria.

School Library:- Librarians can use this solution to replace library cards given to students and use this solution to give students access to the library.

School Medical Centre:- It can also be used by management to provide access to students using the medical centre.

Examination:- It provides for identification and authentication of students during examination.


Biometrics are SECURE

Outdated proxy card and PIN identification systems do not ensure restricted access. In addition, cards and PINs can be easily lost or stolen. Biometric identifiers such as fingerprints and irises are one-of-a-kind, and cannot be guessed, stolen, shared or re-created.

Biometrics are CONVENIENT

Biometric identifiers can't be forgotten. Your students and staff won’t need to carry them every where they go.

Biometrics are AFFORDABLE

There's no need to provide your students or staff with costly access cards or other expensive tokens that are easily lost. With biometrics, you can validate and verify students and staff information in the school central database system.

Biometrics have been used and tested under the most demanding real world applications and under various real world conditions. Biometric technology has been proven and extremely efficient in protecting facilities that are vital to school management. 

Biometrics have been used to protect corporate networks, campuses, to preserve the integrity of data systems, and to allow controlled, authenticated access to corporate networks and privileged information. These real-world results prove that biometric solution products are easy to use, robust and cost effective.

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