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CBT systems enable educators and examiners to author, schedule, deliver, and report on examinations as well as carry out surveys, quizzes and general tests. Computer Based Testing is an effective and reliable approach for conducting examinations and assessment for recruitment into organizations, schools and institutes. Schoolville CBT provides Organizations with a set platform to carry out computer based tests on her clients.

Why Computer Based Test?

1. Eradicates Exam Malpractices.

2. CBT is cost effective, since it cancels the cost of printing question and answer sheets

3. CBT helps to save and manage time.

4. Computer based testing technology greatly increases the efficiency and speed of scoring exams, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for the test taker to receive scores.

Schoolville CBT Solution

Schoolville CBT assessment solution is an indigenous computer based examination software in Nigeria. Through its array of features, Schoolville CBT Solution is pioneering the adoption of easy to use computer based testing solution in Schools and organizations to automate and enhance the screening process for examinations, aptitude test and promotion examinations, making it faster, objective, transparent and auditable.

Proctored CBT

Schoolville Limited has the capability and facilities to conduct a smooth proctored computer based test. A proctored examination is one that is monitored in a controlled environment. When deploying this service, our responsibility extends to the provision of examination centres, administrators and logistics team.

Un-Proctored CBT

Schoolville Limited offers an Un-proctored CBT service which allows candidates to sit for a test at their own convenience. With this service, the entire test process will be conducted online which means test centres will not be required. It should also be noted that internet connectivity is required all through the entire examination session.

We invite you to try out our CBT Facility and Solution. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further.

We invite you to try Schoolville CBT Software or have our developers design one for your School and/or Organization.

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