19-11-19 Quote

“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.”

John Locke


We in Schoolville Limited agree with John Locke that while formal education is important for any individual in our modern society, it is worth mentioning that people especially our graduates from universities, secondary or even primary school should be encouraged to nurture the valuable habit of reading, keeping good company as well as engaging in the rare activity of self-reflection.

We in Schoolville Limited believe this is important because from our own research we have discovered that nations such as the USA, UK, Denmark, Japan as well as China have used constant learning to improve the lives of their citizenry while underdeveloped nations’ disregard for continuous education have left their people impoverished.

Now, keep in your mind learning never ends;

So, keep learning;

And, always remember;

SCHOOLVILLE LIMITED is your life-long educational partner, hence seize this opportunity.