Accelerate Your School’s Profits with Schoolville

  • Do you know what parents expect from your school after a term?
  • Do you know what services you provide that parents dislike?
  • Do you know what your students find challenging while coming to your school?
  • Have you written the answers to these questions above and thoroughly used them to improve the services you provide your customers which are parents and students?


If your answer is “NO!” to most of these answers then it is clear that you or your school’s marketing department does not know your customers and are providing them services they do not value. And if you are providing services they do not value then you are at serious risk of losing your parents and students which will significantly reduce your school’s revenues and profits. And the danger of reduced revenue and profit for your school is that it will most likely be at threat of dying or closing up.  


So the question you might be asking now is:

‘How do you make your school avoid the danger of going out of business because you are offering your parents and students the wrong services?’


Well, the solution is you simply gathering as much information of your parents and students as possible, and storing the information so that you can perform relevant analysis on the data you have gathered to identify as well as predict your parents and students behaviors and needs. Think about it, how will you give your customers what they want if you don’t have any information, data, or record of what they want?



This is where, we in Schoolville come in.


We guarantee to help you increase your revenues by gathering all these important information about your parents and students and storing them in an easy to understand medium in the Portal we will design for you to help you better satisfy your customers. Which will lead to you making your customers happy and increasing your revenues.


So why not contact us, so that we will give you the tool you need to increase your revenues?