Fighting Sexual Harassment in Your School

Ekiti varsity dismisses randy lecturer caught in viral video (The Nation)

This story is about the sack of Mr. Olola Aduwo an academic staff of Ekiti State University by the institution’s Management over a viral footage that showed him trying to sexually harass his female students.


This shows that employees can sometimes take decisions that can have a negative effect on their institution such as what we see here, where a teacher tries to molest a student. Which will most likely damage your school’s reputation because of your employee’s delinquent behavior. Thereby causing parents or people to avoid using your educational facility.


To help you avoid this kind of problem, we in Schoolville will provide you, our portal that has the necessary corporate governance KPIs that will help you track the behavior of your staff to identify if they will put your school’s reputation in jeopardy. And even if your school’s reputation has already been tarnished by such a staff we guarantee to help you rebuild your reputation by using our Reputation Fix Strategy.


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