Happy Birthday Mr Charles Omordia

I once knew a man

He was a man of few words

A man, I must confess was more of action

And his actions were pure

His actions were kind

He gave me a chance to show the world my talents

He was a true leader who despite the shortcomings of his followers, was never afraid to have faith in them

He always made sure that his followers were always alright, even if he was going through so much pain

He was extremely diligent

So diligent that even King Solomon would have been amazed

A man so intelligent he spends countless hours studying books and people

Finally wouldn’t it be a travesty if I failed to mention his bravery in not just starting up one business but three in a treacherous place like Nigeria

I am such a lucky man to know this man

To be with him to learn and improve myself

I am honored to wish you sir a Happy Birthday

It is a pleasure to have known such an inspiring leader like you

I pray that your dreams of pushing Nigerians to frontiers of education becomes a success

Especially as we are as a nation are technologically being left behind every second

I also pray that your e-commerce store becomes a success so that Nigerians will know and can know that it is absolutely possible for Nigerians to succeed in the information age.

God bless you sir, Mr Charles Omordia

For the hope you have given us

For the pride you have given us

For the goal you have given us

You are a blessing not just to us your employees

But your family and Nigeria.

Happy Birthday sir