How School Information Management System Can Help Improve Student’s Results

Academic results or more specifically an academic report card communicates and tracks a student’s academic growth during the specific period. 

For decades, the results that were communicated to the parents were always a quantitative assessment and not a qualitative assessment of the learning and the knowledge that the students would have assimilated during the learning period. 

But today, following a result-based pattern of learning is not always beneficial to the students. 

Besides creating a stressful situation for the learners, the pressure also gives rise to a negative learning attitude among the students. It can lead to practices such as rote learning, copying during examinations – both of which are counter-intuitive to a healthy learning experience for the student. 

In extreme situations, unfavorable results have also led to students indulging in self-harm and suicide.

Therefore the need hour of the schools and educational institutes to move from a result-based approach into a more comprehensive system that offers the students feedback on the student’s personal learning journey. It should be able to guide them towards ways to improve their learning – without the pressure of classroom performance.

This has given rise to a demand for an online result management system that not only ensures that students receive accurate and error-free results – but they also receive feedback on all classroom activities includes assessments, daily homework, and extracurricular activities

Today, a result management system or module needs to incorporate detailed accounts of each student’s progress across various parameters. This can include the student’s social behavior, discipline, work habits, learning skills, extracurricular skills, and lots more.

By enabling a 360 degree complete and continuous assessment of the student throughout the academic year, it will help the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. It widens their perspective towards the learning process, helps them to take responsibility for their education, and motivates them to score better in future exams through real-time course correction. 

An education ERP makes it easy to record and store all the student-related result data in the online cloud. Instead of spending money on paperwork related to printing, mailing, and storing these result records, the online system ensures that the data is saved securely and can be accessed only by authorized personnel such as teachers or the principal of the school. The online system also allows schools to send the results to the parents through email or online messages.  

Using Schoolville school management system, schools can easily manage and create various kinds of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform. It allows parents and students to view the results as soon as they are published. 

With the help of Schoolville school management system, schools can streamline their result management and reap the benefits the system has to offer.