Moving to a Virtual Class using Schoolville eAcademy

“How do you reduce your loss of customers and clients, while your school’s doors remain closed?”

“How will you be able to pay your employees’ salaries, your rent, and your suppliers as long as this lockdown continues?”


These are some of the difficult questions school owners and corporate leaders like you in Nigeria are facing in this COVID-19 pandemic. And the ability of any business solving these problems could be the difference between it surviving or dying in this current hostile environment. So now the question is, do you have the tool to stop the number of students you are losing? Or do you have a process that is helping you acquire new students? Well if your answer is ‘No’, like most schools that are already struggling then it is extremely important, that you as a Proprietor/Proprietress do all you can to save your school, not only for the sake of being profitable but because of the children whose lives will be touched positively as a result of how well you have educated them.


Thus, how do you minimize the decline of your students as a result of this pandemic, so that you can still keep educating a lot of helpless innocent children profitably? Well the answer is quite simple, you need your own eLearning platform that will enable you to teach your students at home as well as impart students of other schools that don’t have any remote learning system. And the best eLearning platform for you is Schoolville eAcademy because its:

1.     Great Online Admission System;

2.     Sophisticated Live Feedback & Assessment Management;

3.     Excellent Data Analysis and Reporting Features;

4.     State-of-the-art Student Information Management System;

5.     Quality Content;

6.     Terrific Gamified Features;

7.     Active Online Communities & Social Engagement;

8.     Fantastic Mobile and App Packages;

9.     Stress-free Payment Procedures; and,

10.Easy User Integration

Enables you profitably offer that thorough training you desire to provide your students but are absent in other features. For example with Schoolville e-Academy’s Data Analysis and Reporting Features, you can identify how your students are performing today and predict their performance. In addition, the students are highly motivated to learn on the platform because of its Gamified features that were designed to increase their engagement. Also, its Active Online Communities & Social Engagement is aimed at reducing challenges your students will face as they study alone, by enabling them to interact with themselves and with your teaching staff. And the beauty of Schoolville e-Academy is that you as a School owner have the power to customize it to your specific needs which you cannot get using other eLearning platforms that are ‘mass-produced’, without any consideration of the unique challenges you might be facing just like our clients suffered before using our eAcademy.


Right now, because of Schoolville eAcademy our clients have been able to stop losing their students and have continued to increase their student population which you will love to achieve in this difficult time. So, contact us for your eAcademy so that you too can grow your number of students.