Reasons why Online Learning is better than Traditional Learning


Online learning takes place over the internet through distance learning. The traditional learning is face-to-face in the school campus with the teacher meeting with the students in the same place.

We may think of the traditional learning as a way of building a community for the students with their peers or with their students. When we think of a major difference between the online learning and offline learning we may not find any more differences than what we have mentioned above.

Other than this, we believe that online learning is much better than offline learning because of the huge benefits that the online learning provides.

Here are reasons why online learning is better than traditional learning:

1. Save Time

You can save valuable time spend in the transportation to travel to the learning location.

2. Learn anywhere anytime

You can learn anywhere anytime. From your home, or during your travel you will still be able to learn. Whether in the morning or at night, you will still be able to learn.

3. Content is digital

Now, all the material associated with any course can be in an electronic format. The course eBook or any attachments to the lessons under any course can be digitized in electronic format such as PDF, PowerPoint presentation, word documents, or even video and audio format. Once you create the course, you can upload all its content to the online platform and make it available for all learners to download from their portal. No need for hard copies or papers anymore. You will also be able to organize the course into unites and each units will have lessons. Then you can create an assignments category that is responsible for classifying the assignments into, for example, homework, classwork, quizzes, and so on.

4. Assignments online

You can download assignments, solve them, and submit the answers online.

Once you create the assignments with the due dates, the learners will be able to check these assignments from their portal. When the students deliver the assignments online, the teacher will be able to grade the assignment easily and seamlessly by just marking the grades for all the students who delivered the assignments. The system will then accumulate the assignment grading into the overall grading and generate the grading report accordingly.

5. Exams and Quizzes online

You can sit for online exams or quizzes, to be graded automatically without the teacher intervention in the process. The student will be presented with the quiz on the predefined date and with the number of predefined attempts.

When creating the online quiz, you can easily choose the type of the questions whether multiple choices, true/false, or even essay question. You will be able to designate the right answer. Once the online quiz is created, just upload it to the platform and give it a due date. From the learner portal, the learner will be able to open the quiz and sit for it within the predefined timeframe. Once the attempt is finished, the system will automatically calculate the quiz grade and accumulate it to the overall grading and reflect the same into the grading report.

6. Grading reports online

Students will be able to get the full report card with course grading in detail and a breakdown for category grading as well as the attendance grading. They will also be able to get a full report about the grading per terms, per semester, semester exam grade, and final grade. At the end of the report, they will get the overall grading for the whole Grade.


7. Virtual Classrooms

You can meet teachers through virtual classrooms and get your sessions online.

8. Other Reasons

You can also check your schedule/timetable online, watch lessons videos online andlearn on your own pace.


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