Time Management and Mastery

Unlocking Productivity & Efficiency

Course Overview

Welcome to "Time Mastery: Unlocking Productivity & Efficiency," a transformative course designed for anyone looking to seize control of their time, enhance productivity, and achieve their personal and professional goals with greater efficiency. This course is your roadmap to mastering time management techniques that will clear the path to success and personal fulfillment.

This schoolville course offers a deep dive into the art and science of time management, providing learners with the tools, techniques, and mindset shifts necessary to effectively manage their most valuable resource: time. Through a mix of theory, practical exercises, and interactive sessions, participants will learn to identify priorities, minimize distractions, and implement systems that boost productivity and well-being. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or someone looking to bring more order to their life, this course will equip you with the strategies to navigate your days with purpose and calm.

Starting with the fundamentals of time management, the course progresses through various levels of skills and strategies, culminating in advanced techniques for optimizing productivity. Participants will engage in practical exercises and discussions, encouraging the application of learned concepts to real-life situations.

Course Outcome

Upon completion, participants will:

  • Understand the principles underlying effective time management and productivity.
  • Identify personal and professional time-wasters and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Master the art of prioritization and task management to focus on what truly matters.
  • Develop and implement a personalized time management system that aligns with their goals and lifestyle.
  • Apply techniques to combat procrastination, manage stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

This course is designed to be accessible and valuable to a wide range of participants, from students and professionals to entrepreneurs and homemakers, looking to gain mastery over their time and boost their productivity in all areas of life.

Learning Peeks

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Course Structure

Hybrid Learning


Available Online/Offline

Recognized Certification

Earn a certification on completion

Flexible Schedules

Flexible study schedules


English Language

Training Days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Course Prerequisite

The following are required

An open mindset and willingness to experiment with new time management techniques. Access to a computer or smartphone with internet connectivity for accessing course materials and participating in live sessions.


₦50,000.00 ***installmental payment available for this course

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