Creative Design

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Course Overview

The course begins with an exploration of the interface and touches on the key tools in the toolbox: The Pick, Shape, Crop, Curve, and Interactive tools, as well as the intelligent drawing tools. Then, once you know how to draw simple lines and shapes, you will learn how to work with text and the extensive collection of fonts in CorelDRAW and other Graphics Applications, as well as group, copy, and adjust objects on your document page.

Next, you will learn about importing and adjusting bitmap images, using time-saving tools such as scripting and object styles, creating color palettes, and preparing your designed projects for print.

You’ll also get some tips on customizing the CorelDRAW and other Graphics Applications interface to speed up your workflow and help you be more productive.

Course Outcome

After completing this course, students will:

  • Familiarize themselves with the basics of CorelDRAW, such as creating and saving documents, using fonts, resizing, rotating and moving documents and getting help.
  • Learn to identify tools in the toolbox and use several common tools to create a half-page flyer for a party invitation. They will learn about color usage and discover several ways to apply color to an object and/or its outline.
  • Learn the basics of using vector graphics and node editing for graphics and text, while creating a side-fold greeting card for an event of their choice. In the process, they will work with multi-page layouts and the Print Preview dialog, and import and edit clip-art.
  • Learn to combine vector and bitmap images as they create a standard page (letter/A4) motivational poster that must include at least one photo to accompany the text.
  • Work with templates: open an existing template file, modify it and create their own templates. In creating a two-page newsletter, they will also learn how to use text in columns, flow text from column-to-column and page-to- page, wrap text around graphics and create drop caps.
  • Work with bitmap and vector effects, layers, lenses and masks, while creating a collage of images and text on a chosen topic.
  • Explore design and automation processes as they create a personal letterhead suite that includes mailing labels. They will be introduced to the Print Merge/Data Merge capabilities of CorelDRAW, as well as the Interactive Fill Tool.
  • Create a three-panel brochure for a real or fictional student-run business, beginning with a template from the CorelDRAW Page Layout dialog.
  • Explore how to add 3D effects to text and objects. They will use Call-outs and Connectors for creating charts, the Ellipse tool to draw pie shapes and Table and Paragraph formatting tools for layout.
  • Students will use a pre-recorded macro in CorelDRAW to create a 12-month pictorial calendar. They will also record a short macro using the Undo Docker in CorelDRAW.

Learning Peeks

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Course Structure



Available Online/Offline

Recognized Certification

Earn a certification on completion

Flexible Schedules

Flexible study schedules


English Language

Training Days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Course Prerequisite

The following are required

Basic Computer Knowledge; Familiarity with Paint; & Laptop Computer with Core i5 minimum (iOS highly recommended)


₦200,000.00 ***installmental payment available for this course

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