Digital Marketing and Sales

This comprehensive course is tailored for individuals looking to excel in digital marketing and sales. It covers a wide array of topics from foundational marketing principles to advanced digital strategies, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and analytics. Participants will learn how to effectively design, implement, and manage digital marketing campaigns that drive sales and growth.

Course Overview

The course is divided into three modules, each building upon the last. Participants will start with the basics of digital marketing, move on to intermediate strategies and tools, and finally, delve into advanced techniques and analytics.

Course Outcome

  • Comprehensive understanding of digital marketing principles and strategies.
  • Proficiency in various digital marketing tools and platforms.
  • Ability to plan, execute, and manage effective digital campaigns.
  • Skills in data analysis and making data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Knowledge of integrating digital marketing with overall business strategies.

Learning Peeks

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Course Structure

Hybrid Learning


Available Online/Offline

Recognized Certification

Earn a certification on completion

Flexible Schedules

Flexible study schedules


English Language

Training Days

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Course Prerequisite

The following are required

Basic Marketing Knowledge, Business Fundamentals, Computer and Internet Proficiency, Communication Skills, Social Media Familiarity, Analytical Skills, Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills, Collaborative Skills, Basic SEO Knowledge, Customer-Centric Mindset.


₦300,000.00 ***installmental payment available for this course

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