ICT Training Program (ITP)

Code and Creativity: Building Tomorrow's Tech Visionaries

Program Overview

Schoolville ICT Training program is designed to provide comprehensive training in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It covers various aspects of ICT, including hardware, software, networks, and data management, focusing on developing practical skills and knowledge. 

This program is available January to December year in and out and tailored to provide a broad yet in-depth understanding of ICT, with an emphasis on practical skills and real-world applications, making it suitable for a wide range of professional needs.

First Batch: January, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Monday 8th January, to Friday 29th, March 2024.

Second Batch: April, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Monday 8th, April to Friday 28th, June 2024.

Third Batch: July, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Monday 1st, July to Friday 27th, September 2024.

Fourth Batch: October, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Wednesday 2nd, October to Friday 20th, December 2024.

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