SoftSkills Training (SST)

Unlocking Potential: Mastering Interpersonal Excellence for Professional Advancement

Program Overview

Welcome to the Schoolville SoftSkills Training(SST) Program, an immersive training initiative designed to equip students with the essential soft skills required for professional success. This program focuses on developing interpersonal abilities, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and much more, preparing students for the challenges of the modern workplace. 

This is our quarterly specialized program starting from April to June every year. Schoolville SoftSkills Training focuses on developing non-technical competencies that are crucial for effective interaction, communication, and collaboration in the workplace. These skills, often referred to as interpersonal or people skills, include advanced communication, negotiation, empathy, leadership, adaptability, continuous learning, and teaching abilities. They are vital for creating a positive work culture, fostering effective leadership, and enhancing team dynamics.

First Batch: April, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Monday 8th, to Monday 29th, April 2024.

Second Batch: May, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Monday 6th, to Wednesday 29th, May 2024.

Third Batch: June, 2024
Program Start and End Date: Wednesday 5th, to Friday 28th, June 2024.

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